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For those of you who don't know, the Scorpio Batteries Plasma Racing
car was designed based on this true-life car. Enjoy.

Click on the images to view full size.


Fast Game Fact:

Scorpio Plasma Batteries
Model Derivation: 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix
Maximum speeds:
     Automatic transmission: 206 mph
     Manual transmission: 208 mph

This car is designated as the "Normal Level Car" due to its balance of speed, acceleration, handling (grip or stability), and steering. This car is good for semi-experienced players and beginners alike. Its drifting can be controlled easily, hence players wanting a good maximum speed, as well as a good drift without spinning out, can rely on this car.

The problem with this car is that it is unable to make turns at high speeds compared to the Phantom Full Force. However, it ensures that turns can be made without crashing onto barriers or ramming into grass, which are fatal speed cutters. Most players who wish to play safe usually rely on this car for a long period of time before trying out the Phantom Full Force.

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